Troop 212 Electronic Device Usage Policy

Scouts who have earned the Troop 212 “Technology Chip” will be allowed to use approved devices at approved times during troop meetings and activities. Each qualifying scout will be issued a Technology Chip Honor Card indicating that he is currently eligible to use approved devices at designated times.

Qualifications and Requirements

Scouts 1st Class and Above or Currently Holding Troop Leadership Position

Device Usage During Troop Meetings

In general, the usage of electronic devices during weekly troop meetings is a distraction from speakers and planned activities. Because of this, device usage is only allowed during troop meetings with prior approval of the Scoutmaster. Except for those instances where a device has been approved by the Scoutmaster for conducting Troop 212 business, devices should remain out of sight, and either off, or with notifications turned completely off. If a scout is observed using a device during a troop meeting at a time not explicitly approved by the Scoutmaster, the device will be placed in a secure location for the remainder of the meeting by an adult leader.

Device Usage During Troop Trips and Outings

At the discretion of the Tripmaster (the adult leader planning the outing), scouts currently holding a valid Troop 212 Technolgy Chip Honor Card will be allowed to use approved devices at designated times during the trip. In general “designated times” will be during car rides to and from trips, and at brief, predetermined intervals during the mornings or evenings for the purposes of conducting troop business or for communicating with family. At all other times during the trip, device usage is not allowed (except as noted below for the SPL). If it is determined that devices are being used inappropriately during a trip, devices will be collected and placed in a secure location with either the Tripmaster or Scoutmaster.

For the purposes of communicating with adult leaders and conducting troop business during the trip, the SPL (or acting SPL) shall have the privilege of using devices throughout the trip, provided usage is consistent with the Troop 212 Technology Chip Honor Card.

Consequences of Violation of Technology Usage Policy

Qualified scouts who violate the Technology Usage Policy on more than two occasions will have their privileges revoked for a period of time determined by the Scoutmaster. Scouts carrying a valid Technology Chip Honor Card will have a corner removed for each infraction for tracking purposes.

Scouts who are not certified for device usage are not allowed to use devices at any time during troop functions (Dedicated e-readers are the one exception to this rule). Violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action to be determined by the Scoutmaster, including possible suspension from troop outings.

List of Approved Electronic Devices During Troop Activities